Be a Character in my Fall Movies Animation


From my Idea Emporium book and world, have the pleasure of becoming a customer character in my animated shorts.

I am busy making lots of episodes and shorts for my Idea Emporium animated series. You can be a customer in my next short or mini short!

Did you see the Episode 1? It's on my site. You could be transformed into a fairy or a bear, or just be yourself in an animated mini short that I will be creating this Fall. Spaces open for October and November films.

I work with you to exchange a photo and we have a conversation on how and who you want your character customer to be.

After lots of sketches I send one over for your final approval for last minute changes. Your "character" will be put into a scene buying in the Idea Emporium Bakery. How cool is that?


I prefer Paypal.

Shipping from United States

I usually ship via first class mail.


Do write me as soon as possible if an item arrives damaged or never arrives.


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