The Fairy Queen of Whimsical Wisdom & Delight

My name is Ronni Rose Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy.

I have  a rich artistic and healing background. I love to teach through fun methods because I believe we learn the most when we engage in play (my Rubber Ducky Theory). My training and experience includes over two decades of teaching art to both college-age adults and elementary children; the creator of my own online international, healing school, Fairy Online School; degrees in Communication Design and Fine Art; and Graduate certification in Education Technology and Design. And of note, I’m a published illustrator of activity books, Cooking Art (Gryphon House), Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books), and my own Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck and book. I’ve also written the best-selling Help! I’m Sensitive, and book 2, Your Turtle Shell about being an empath/sensitive. I’m currently taking animation classes to bring the Idea Emporium Book to life in entertaining video episodes. 

It is believed I am part or mostly fairy (don’t tell). I am partial to tutus and dancing, anything dogs, and I have seen every episode of Project Runway. I live in a treehouse with a talking dog, an angel basset who visits often, my supportive elf husband, and three creative fairy step-children who give me ideas. I love making books and products that embody the core values of DELIGHT, WISDOM, EMPOWERMENT & ACCEPTANCE. 

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